New APP from Beachbody!

There are now ZERO excuses! You can literally get fit anywhere and at any time with the new APP from Beachbody. Download it to your ipad or iphone and start PRESSING PLAY!

Beachbody has preloaded workouts you can stream anywhere. You can even save them to your device through the APP if you don’t have WiFi. It does require you to allow cellular streaming, however, they don’t ASSUME that for you. Isn’t that nice? You have to select it in the settings menu of the APP.

With over 1,000 different workouts for 1,000 different fitness levels, you have NO EXCUSES. Beachbody On Demand offers maternity workouts, 10 minute trainers (lunch hour??), workouts using your body weight, bands and regular weights. The best news? It’s the nations TOP professional trainers with PROVEN and TEST results! They even have modifiers for beginning beginners!

Best of all? The Beachbody App is FREE and it comes with a 30 day trial of the hottest workouts on the market! So, get after it! Get fit! Get rid of your excuses!

My Coach id: 806534 if you want to make me your accountability partner.

You can also EMAIL me:

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