Couples That Sweat Together….

Stay on the same page. It’s that simple. I was nagging my poor husband, using a variety of tactics, to somehow inspire him to start getting fit.

Guilt: Our son needs his father around when he grows up…

Shame: What kind of example are you setting for our son?

Nag: You really should try to get more fit and eat better.

Taunting: Your man boobs look great in that shirt….

Humiliation: *flexing* You even LIFT bro? My biceps are bigger than yours.

Bullying: I didn’t sign up to take care of you and this pre-diabetic, belly flopping, heart attack waiting to happen lifestyle!

Sex: You know, muscles really make me horny. I bet you could really bulk up quickly. For men, the results are so quick. I remember when your butt looked like David Beckham’s butt…

Silent Negotiation: I purchased more programs, continued to shape my home gym with new equipment, silently studied my physique, cataloged and reported my progress on social media, stayed consistent with my meal prepping and Shakeology and never gave up on myself. I saw results and was proud of my progress.

One day, he approached me when HE was ready and started on The Body Beast workout. His final motivation? When I reported that I was squatting 70 pound dumbells, clean and pressing a combined 70 pound dumbells, military pressing a combined 70 pounds in dumbells. And,  he couldn’t.

After one week, Joel saw amazing results. That same week, he thanked me. Through it all, he knew my intensions were honorable. The great news? We have both enjoyed each others results. I’ve seen him go from extreme exhaustion to increased energy and stamina. He’s happier, making better food choices and holding me accountable for my daily grind. It’s nice to have my spouse as my number one fan and the best accountability partner ever.

If you’re interested in getting started on your own fitness journey, send me a message! I’m here for you whenever you’re ready. Even if you’ve fallen off the wagon 1 or even 1,000 times. Let’s get you back on your feet!

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