Motivational Clarity


That one moment of clarity is all it takes to kick your tired ass into gear and start making changes. I have them almost every day now. It is clear what I must do. I must press play. Why? When that bed calls my name and the 3 o’clock shut down begins…I must press play. For clarity, for focus and for the simple fact that I must workout and move in order to move forward.

Progress doesn’t need to be epic every day. Progress towards wellness can begin with a simple little change. Going for a walk instead of changing into your jammies right after work. Waking up and deciding that your coffee tastes better when you’re pounding the pavement on an early morning run. Even if it’s only a quarter of a mile.

You know what you must do, yet you choose to remain still. Stillness creeps up on you, like a warm blanket. It’s comfortable and debilitating all at once. Your future self is waiting on you to press the button and break out of that comfort zone.


Today, I challenge you to MOVE! Join us this fall on the next Beachbody Challenge. Get moving! Press play! New Deals for October!

Send me a message here or request more information on how to get started!


Country Heat + Shakeology
Country Heat Kickstart
21 Day Fix + Shakeology (English)
21 Day Fix Extreme + Shakeology (English)
21 Day Fix Kickstart Challenge Pack
21 Day Fix Extreme Kickstart
22 Minute Hard Corps + Shakeology
22 Minute Hard Corps + Performance
3-Day Refresh + Shakeology
CIZE + Shakeology
CIZE Kickstart
Club + Shakeology
Club Kickstart
PiYo + Shakeology
PiYo Kickstart

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